Clip stairs

If you are looking for a distinctive and subtle stair design, clip stairs are just for you. The design‘s attractiveness arises from the stairs seeming to just hang in the air.

Their main distinction is that they don’t have supporting beams, and so they look very light. In other words, these stairs don’t seem to have a supporting structure.

Despite their distinctive look, these stairs reliably support even great loads. Because of their properties, these stairs are often called lightened stairs.

Because of the way they are made, clip stairs are well-suited for small spaces, because they do not require much space. These stairs are also a very good alternative in terms of fitting into a budget.

When building lightened stairs, it is necessary first of all to be sure that the wall next to which they are built is very solid. If the wall is not solid, it is essential to install an additional structure. Otherwise, there can be no guarantee that the stairs will be safe. Safety is the most important function which stairs have to perform. Therefore, it is very important to choose appropriate handrails made of firm material, because some of the stairs’ weight will be supported by them.

The steps will be secured in a specialised way, and their ends will be secured with clips (available in various forms). Wooden or metal clips may be chosen.

We can produce lightened stairs either in a straight or spiral form.

The steps that are used for these stairs are thicker than the usual ones. The handrail also must be larger than that used with ordinary stairs.