Stairs are certain element of design, from ancient times it decorates the mansions and castles. And then, and nowadays the stairs are not only an aesthetic expression of the interior, but also necessary thing.
A very important feature of the stairs – security, because many painful incidents happen on it. Another requirement for stairs – convenience. Their manufacturers and installers must take into account the important rule – the correct ratio of the stair tread width and height. Stair treads over the all stairs must be of equal height. Comfortable and safe stairs are the work of professional masters, because it must be carried out responsibly, using certain rules, which may affect even people’s lives.

Stairs can be installed

  • outdoors,
  • in staircase of multi-storey house,
  • in own house (according to the needs and circumstances).

Seeing that not always by the dimensions of the plot it is possible to build a single-storey building, it can be a multi-storey, in which access is possible upstairs. Outdoor stairs can be made of such construction materials, which are resistant to moisture, cold, sunlight and heat. As well as outdoor stairs should not be slippery, when it rains on them, when it is very cold in winter. In field conditions mounted the stairs should be installed qualitatively, because exposed by climatic conditions, it  can quickly become not only unprepossessing, but also dangerous to people. Wooden outdoor and indoor stairs are produced only from wood, which is suitably dried and impregnated with all protective measures. If the stairs are tiled, it should be completely non-slip, and their bonding should be characterized by the highest quality of work, because otherwise after the first stronger chill tiles will peel off.

In staircases of multi-storey houses and private houses the stairs must be as secure as possible, so here their railings are extremely important. It is believed, that 80-90 cm high railings are the safest. Stairs in house are the vertical axis of the building, around which premises on different floors are generally located.

Types of stairs:

  1. Straight, simple linear stairs;
  2. Curved linear stairs;
  3. L shaped;
  4. U shaped;
  5. Twisted stairs;
  6. Complex design stairs;
  7. Footboards.