Stairs design and types

Wooden stairs of various designs can be produced. The main choices are classic or modern interior stairs. It is also possible to coordinate the two styles.

Stair design depends on the stair structure, handrails and type of stairs chosen. One may choose staircases on concrete or metal structures, with wooden beams, clip or glass styles with metal structures. Wooden beams, concrete or metal materials give wooden stairs the feel of a classic style, while glass gives stairs a modern feel.

The layout of stairs in space has a direct impact on convenience. For this reason, before installing stairs, it is necessary to consult with designers who can advise which stairs are the most appropriate for your house. Upon request, we can prepare several models, and so it will be easier to choose. Each home’s model is different and one always needs to think about whether or not various furniture will be carried up and down the stairs. Having chosen stairs of an interesting style, for example, a spiral layout, you won’t be able to easily and conveniently carry furniture and other larger items up and down such stairs.

It is important to consider not only convenience, but also safety. Well-chosen handrails can ensure the right amount of safety for you.


There are several types of stairs:

Straight, linear stairs.  (Straight staircase)

These stairs are quite popular. They are classic, and provide safety and convenience. Straight stairs are usually built next to walls. Although they are simple, it is always possible to experiment with their handrails or balusters (spindles). It is also possible to decorate the steps in various ways.

If the space permits, straight stairs often include landings. In such cases, the stairs take on an L-shape. They are usually secured to both sides of the wall. It is convenient not only to walk up and down such stairs, but also to carry various items from one floor to another. The structure of such stairs is more complicated.

L-shaped stairs make a 90-degree angle, but using modern design, it is possible to choose other, not so severe angles.


U-shaped stairs

U-shaped stairs are another complicated structure, especially in terms of handrails. The handrails must be carefully shaped in order to perform their function. Such stairs can be with a landing, or without one. Without a landing, space can be saved, but with a landing, it is more convenient.


Spiral staircase

C-shaped stairs are of very flexible forms, so they can be adapted for use in all homes. They don’t take up much space, and it is possible to design the round form in various ways. These stairs are elegant and very attractive. Therefore, their primary function is aesthetic. They are not suitable for carrying furniture, so it is important to consider whether it is possible to install additional stairs in another part of the building.

When necessary, we produce various compact, space-saving wooden stairs, which are used not only in high-use areas, but also in less-frequently-used areas.