Stairs structures

Concrete structure

It isn‘t a secret to anyone that concrete is one of the most durable materials used in stair production. Concrete is a universal material, and so it goes well with wooden steps. It is also possible to match various handrails, precisely because of concrete’s architectural flexibility.

Stairs with a concrete structure suit both the interior and exterior of a residential home, as well as in stairwells and in public institutions. They are a durable product which supports great loads. It is also worth mentioning that a concrete structure is fire-resistant.

We carefully design stairs. We perform our work in timely fashion and with quality.

Metal structure

The metal structure for stairs best suits aspects of contemporary design. So if you’re looking for a creative change and a new look, choose the metal structure.

Because of metal’s flexibility and stability, it is possible to design various elegant stairs with a non-standard look. Handrails can be the most varied: wooden, glass, stainless steel and others. Of these, stainless steel is the material most resistant to corrosion.

Usually stairs on a metal structure can be built in one working day, because the material is flexible and easily shaped.

Having chosen these stairs, you can enjoy a durable and incredibly beautiful product. Metal goes well with other materials, and its appearance adds elegance, grace and the beauty of contemporary design.


Stairs on wooden beams

We design and produce wooden stairs with wooden support beams. These stairs are created for those seeking distinctiveness.

Stairs with wooden support beams are a 100% natural product. The entire structure is supported by two wooden beams. Various kinds of wood may be chosen, depending on its appearance and durability: birch, ash, mahogany, maple, oak and others.

Wood has long been valued as a building material, and so these stairs will be cosy and match the design of your home. A classic that never goes out of style in your home!